Amazed by the tasty flavour and the wide variety of local food products in Italy, this Macau-Italian mixed couple in Macau, Karen&Angelo decided to look at every inch of this beautiful country, and source for the most unique, natural food products to introduce them to Macau.

Their newly born lovely mixed-baby-boy Pippo is all here to try out these products!! Say HI!

They wanted you all, to really, MEET ITALY




About Handmade Rainbow Pasta
Manufactured by professional pasta-making factory, PASTIFICIO MARELLA in PUGLIA, where the best Italian Semolina is grown and grained, all colour pasta are hand-made by using selected italian semolina, mixed with all natural vegetable powders.
All the pasta are dried between 18 to 72 hours under a low, close to human temperature of 37/38 degree celcius to ensure it reaches the optimal storage condition.
Meet Italy Macau is happy and felt honour to be the partner of this renowned factory, and claimed as the SOLE IMPORTER of their amazing natural handmade rainbow pasta.

It is, to our understanding, the most authentic and artisan pasta we have ever encountered in Italy.

Pure love at first sight.
關於 糖果系手工義大利粉

糖果系手工義大利粉由位於義大利南部普利亞的手工義大利麵工廠PASTIFICIO MARELLA精心製作,嚴選當地出產的上等粗粒小麥粉混合天然蔬果粉純手工製造。
MEET ITALY MACAO 能和如此鼎鼎大名的廠商合作,還獲得糖果系手工義大利粉的獨家進口澳門權,欣喜若狂之餘深感受寵若驚。